Fabio Mittino & Bert Lams

Bert Lams, graduated 'cum laude' at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels, Belgium. In 1991 he founded the California Guitar Trio in Los Angeles. Bert Lams' solo acoustic album 'Nascent' includes some of the first-ever transcriptions of music by J.S. Bach for flatpick guitar.


Fabio Mittino (Milan, Italy) is well known for his 'Simple Music for Difficult People', a solo project with original music for electric guitar.


Since its inception, the Mittino/Lams duo has passionately explored the music of Gurdjieff/De Hartmann. They have released two albums: 'Long Ago' (2016) and 'Movimenti' (2019), and have played hundreds of concerts in the US and Europe.


2019 Tour ScheduleSee you on the road


July 13: Austin, TX, Leander - 2PM

July 13: Austin, TX - 7PM

July 14: Austin, TX, Cafe Crème on Oltorf - 8PM

July 15: TBA

July 16: South Padre Island Convention Center - 7PM

July 17: Houston: Russian Cultural Center - 8PM

July 18: Scottsdale, AZ - 6PM

July 19: Phoenix AZ - Make Weird Music HQ - 7PM

July 20: TBA

July 21: San Jose, CA - 7PM

July 22: Santa Rosa, CA - 8PM

July 23: Redwood City, CA - 7PM

July 24: Menlo Park, CA - 6:30PM


All concerts are house concerts, unless otherwise noted. Contact bertlams@aol.com for details.



About GurdjieffThe Inspiration

Gurdjieff was a philosopher from Russian/Armenian descent. He had the remarkable gift of remembering music he had heard during his early travels in Asia and the Middle East. Many years later he sung and played the melodies to Russian composer Thomas De Hartmann; together they created over 300 pieces between 1918 and 1927.


The music for Movements may seem simple, with short pieces that lack any pretension to elaborate formal construction, yet it often turns in unexpected directions, revealing itself as powerful, fascinating and deeply affecting. In the final words of his book ‘Our Life with Mr Gurdjieff’, Thomas de Hartmann says: “Listening to this music one was touched to the depth of his being…”




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Multiplication of October 9th




Hindu Melody



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